Frequently asked questions

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What is ejuma

Ejuma is the biggest open service market in Africa. Get make money with neighbours, friends, family and even complete strangers. Just our everyday people needing help in one way or another. Sell things you don't need or just offer a service in the field of your expertise. We bring the need and help on one platform. Its an exciting time to know a skill or two as we give you the chance to make use of it and make money.

How does EJUMA work

Find a service, laborers, employees, freelancers and temporary workers quickly and easily with EJUMA.
Create an online store and offer your service to the world. Post a job,  task, product or service conveniently on our app or website. Candidates will apply for it and you get to choose the best candidate and award the job with an agreed wage or fee. Pay the money and have the job done for you where ever you are.

Why should I use ejuma

Ejuma is a cost-effective, simple and modern way of searching for people. Create ads in under a minute and get applications from hundreds of people near or afar. Carry out the intire process on a smartphone or the web application.

Is ejuma free to use

Ejuma is absolutely free to use. Get the app post a service, find service or sell and rent things that you don't need.

How do I remove a service or something I'm selling

Please visit the profile section in the app and click to view the service or product. Then click delete.

What happens to my wage when an advertiser doesn't release payment?

You will be paid your earned money after 48 hours, if not released by your employer after work has been completed.

What happens to my money if employee doesn't do the assigned job?

Your money will be refunded to you if you delete the job AD, else we will assign a new employee to you emmidiately after reporting the incident. Do this by lodging a complaint in the help section of the app or contacting us through any of our communication channels.